Passing It On

As I packed boxes for our upcoming move, and looked around at the chaos that is my home I saw an email in my in-box from a woman I had the pleasure of ministering to a while ago. When I decided to write this today I asked her permission to "talk" about her in a general way, and she has consented that I can share these things with you.

When she came her life was in crisis, she had been caught up in some devastating sinful habits. Her openness and bluntness about her sin life was actually refreshing. She was able to look at herself honestly and believed that she was beyond hope. Her situation required endless hours of counseling, sometimes daily input that amounted to thousands of small little encouraging communications, and hundreds of hours of prayer. In the end, the ideal was not achieved and "life" did not go the way we thought or hoped it would. However, she remains obedient to God in leaving the sin of the past behind. In spite of her newfound freedom in life, she has continued to be faithful to God and He been glorified by her response to the Truth and by her commitment to Him and living for Him.

In her posting to me today, she shared with me that she is passing on what she has learned in our time together as she ministers to someone who is struggling in a manner similar to the way she once did.

She is repeating the same truths she has learned, "Your job is to first honor God", "you must HOLD THE LINE of righteousness", "You must honor God in this with your actions and thoughts. Not only turning from the sin but doing good (to others) in the process and loving (others) regardless of what (they) do (does) for you!"

This is the essence of what our lives are to be about: Honor God, hold the line of righteousness, do good to others, love others regardless of their response to you. What utter joy this brings to my heart to see this lamb who once was so lost and wandering is now following Christ. In addition, He gives her the opportunity to minister to another hurting person!

God is so faithful....why He cares about us and draws us to Himself is a testimony only to His goodness and mercy for none of us deserve anything at all from Him!

I often say that my goal is to work myself out of a job; to have so many people who know how to pass these truths on that places like Reigning Grace Counseling Ministries won't be necessary anymore. My desire is that we all develop such a love for the Savior and love for each other that we are willing to be inconvenienced for the sake of others. Investing yourself in people is demanding and sometimes it is troublesome.

When I get emails like the one I received today I am reminded of this: It is infinitely worth the cost.