Book Review

I want to make you aware of an excellent book by Jerry Bridges. The title is Respectable Sins- Confronting the Sins We Tolerate. Our Women's Bible Studies have been going through this book in small group format the past few weeks. Using the book and additional study guide the material will take you 8 weeks to complete.

This book exposes the heart of the things that we, as Christians tend to want to gloss over in every day life. Jerry begins the book with several chapters on sin and its consequences and offers Jesus Christ as only One who can cleans us from sin. He moves into specific areas of sinful attitudes and behaviors and reveals ungodliness as the root of all the "respectable sins" that we commit. He examines numerous areas of the heart under the bright light of the Word of God and I can tell you that this book has cut each of us women to the quick.

Respectable Sins is well worth the price for those who desire to deal with the common place sins they have learned to ignore.

If I could, I would purchase a case of them and give them out to every Christian I know because much of what Jerry Bridges says is needed in our culture that tends to excuse sin and abuse the grace of God.

Respectable Sins is published by NavPress.