Seeing My Heart

I still find myself struggling with wants and desires for “things.” Is that laying up for myself treasures on earth, or is it being responsible for the things we already have?

I want to live to serve Him. I know this means I will never be wealthy, I will not have "extra" nor will I ever have security in money. I desire that my thoughts be centered on accumulating valuable things in heaven instead of here on earth. Are my eyes on heaven, and am I measuring my behavior by what effect it will have in heaven? I cannot lay up treasures both on earth and in heaven; no one can serve 2 masters... It seems like I am often mastered by the lack of money more than anything! I have for a long time now desired to be relieved of the complexity of life dominated by "stuff." It is so easy to slide back into that mindset! I pray God will help me to keep my heart fixed on Him.

This is where God is so good. My faithful Father is never slow or failing to remind me that overcoming the flesh and denying my sinful desires comes only from my union with Him. Positionally this is never in question; I am always united with Him. Practically, it this union demands that I tend to my relationship constantly! It demands that my thoughts be focused on what will glorify God, my desires be turned toward what will glorify God, and my beliefs settled in what His Word says about who I am in Christ. Then, knowing all this I must live it.