Thoughts of Him

I love you Lord.
I am so thankful that You have redeemed me.
I totally understand that I was not worthy
I am completely aware of what You have done for me, in saving my soul and redeeming my life.

My desire is to live this life for You!
My desire is to help others to understand Your grace and mercy.
My desire is to share the truth of Your Word with others.

I love your sovereignty!
Sometimes I struggle understanding, but I want to accept it.
It is wonderful to be able to rest in it.

I trust You Lord-
When the way is dark and the path is blocked
When I cannot see to put one foot in front of the other
When I am frightened, no terrified of what the next step will bring
I am so grateful that You are trustworthy!

You are so good Lord!
Good does not even begin to describe who You are.
Words fail me as I think of Your grace and mercy.
My Spirit soars as I meditate on Your holiness!

Be glorified Lord!
Be glorified in the heavens and on the earth!
Let all Your creation worship You!
Let all creation bow before the King!