Hanging Onto a Promise

I heard a great sermon Sunday. It centered on my favorite topics of heart and mind change but the route to the point of the sermon was about hope.

Hope is something I have needed this past week. I have been hoping my mom would pull through, and hoping that some things would take place in other areas of life, and I confess I have been discouraged.

The Pastor today (Pastor Buff Powers- yes, Buff Powers!) had some great insights into faith that I needed to hear. One thing he said was “we are hanging onto a promise.” When you think about it, we truly are hanging on to something we have never seen and staking our entire future on it.

I am counting on all that I believe to be true. I am actively trusting that the Bible is the truth and that God is who He is revealed to be in its pages.

I am believing verses like Romans 8:28, 29 in these days of adversity. I cling to those promises; that God causes “all things,” even things like my mom’s sickness and the postponing of our home sale and stresses and trials of daily life to work together for good. That is sometimes a tall order because many of these things are not good in and of themselves and I have to look for the higher purpose in them – higher things that are based on a promise. I am one who loves God, and I have been called to salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ so this applies to me! I have to remind myself that His purpose in all these things is to become more like Christ.

I am not always sure how flat tires and spoiled hamburger can accomplish this, but I continue to hang onto the promise that it does! I just know that in ways I cannot see that God is slowly but surely accomplishing what He has promised me- that I would be like Christ. Surely not because of who I am, but because it brings glory to Himself to take someone like me- an evil wicked sinner – and change me from the inside out into someone who is unrecognizable as my former self. To do such an amazing work in my heart, mind and life that when others hear of what I used to be that cannot believe it.

This is truly a miracle friends! While I am a long way from perfection by God’s grace I have come a far piece down the road of sanctification. To Him be the glory for ever and ever! Amen!