Out With the Old

Another New Years Eve is upon us. The time that we make all sorts of promises to ourselves about things we will or won't do in the coming year.

If you are like most everyone else, you have heard the familiar ramblings of those who promise to work out more this year, save more money, lose 10 lbs and keep it off, take more time for self...and so on.

How often have you heard someone say I resolve to make this year about serving others? I resolve to be selfless this year, to give more, to want less...

We so often try and coat these clay pots in gold and make ourselves things God did not intend for us to be here. We want youth and vitality all the days of our long lives. To look 30 when we are 50 and older! To have all the benefits of youth and all the experience of age. That is just not what God has ordained for us. We are just passing though and at the end of this year, 2008 we will be one year closer to eternity.

Why not resolve to make 2009 about things that will really, really matter? Make this coming year about Christ. Make it about Him in every respect possible! Practice unity among the body of Christ, serve one another, care for others, put them first and yourself at the end of the train. Go out of your way for someone who doesn't deserve your kindness and show him or her the love of Jesus Christ. Remind yourself daily that the playing field is level as far as God is concerned, the ground is flat before the cross of Christ. We are all eye level with our sin and our Savior.

Christian, we are to be cross centered in our daily lives, to preach Christ in and out of season and to by our living example of Him cause others to desire Him for themselves.

That would be a great resolution, wouldn't it?

Happy New Year