Dealing With Sexual Sin- Intro

This is the number one search on the internet that brings people to my blog each week. Literally hundreds of searches have been done with this title or some variation of this title on the search engines that lead people here looking for help and hope.

I have written on this topic in the past, in several posts (begins Oct 13, 2008 Sex and the Married Christian Woman) and I am pleased that those who search find God's truth there, but I thought I would revisit this because I fear the situation is only getting worse. Our counseling center is having a one-day seminar on sexual sin later in March so I am thinking a lot about it.

I want to focus strictly on the true reason people indulge in sexual immorality and what you can do if you are caught up in its web.

Perhaps you already know that sexual immorality promises things it cannot deliver. Its tantalizing images lure the seeker into a vortex of destruction that if left unchecked, will pollute every aspect of the persons life.

The seeming inability to overcome through 12-step programs and Bible studies and accountability partners leaves the user without hope. Often they wonder, "Can I ever be helped?" or "Can I really be saved?"

I sorrow in my heart as I see the high numbers of hits on this topic, for I know that for every hit there may be a spouse and or children who suffer because of the sexual immorality of someone they love. Many who seek help here I suspect are women who have learned their fiance, husband or son has been looking at porn on the internet. They are heartbroken and devastated wondering why as wives they were not "enough" or as parents, where they could have gone wrong with their child.

I post Monday- Friday and I will devote the next several blogs to this subject. Please leave your comments...As difficult as it may be to put it out there, you never know who you will bless by your willingness to be transparent.