The Silence of God

No man ever experienced the silence of God in a trying time as Job did.

“Though He slay me, I will hope in Him. Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him."
Job 13:15 (NASB)

I heard a sermon recently where the preacher said that the proof of our faith is that we keep praying in spite of not getting what we want or need. The most difficult times are when God appears to withdraw from us and it looks as though He has left us in the lurch.

He is teaching us to walk by faith and not by sight in those days. A more mature Christian will understand that God's silences are actually His answers. When God is silent and yet you go on, you are revealing the depth of your trust in Him. When your heart is broken time after time after time and your prayer is still not answered and yet you love Him... that is faith.

God trusts us with His silence. When the silence of God is understood as a deepening of our relationship with Him it makes it bearable. When we realize that our faith is growing to new heights and depths the silence can even be joyful! There is something exciting about knowing that we have "achieved" a place where we can be challenged and that the Lord knows we are sufficiently grown in faith enough to withstand it.

Because of this we can truly praise God in times of silence.

There is also much comfort in knowing that God will answer our prayers in His own timing, that because He is sovereign over all things our plight has not escaped His watchful eye (Matt. 10:29. Remember that time means nothing to God, days and years and lifetimes are but a twinkle in the eye of God who is ageless and timeless. Because of this, you can rest confident that He has heard you, that He loves you, and that He has your situation well in hand. He will not hand you a stone when you ask Him for bread (Matt.7:9).

Pray and ask in faith, believe He will answer you even when He is silent for long periods of time. Trust God loved ones, He is always entirely completely faithful.