Giving Thanks

This post is entirely different than the one I began for Thanksgiving Day. I wiped the other one out and decided that I wanted to share with you my thanks about an important matter.

Tuesday my husband took his motorcycle to the car pool meeting place. It was warm enough and it had thundered overnight so the ground was wet. He was about 1 block from his destination and as he made a right turn going about 25mph, the back of the cycle went out from under him. Before he knew it he was on the ground and sliding across the pavement. He landed on his right side, on his ribs. His head hit second, and thankfully he always wears a helmet.

He lay there on the ground for a bit gasping for air and from what I understand moaning. A man, "Rick" pulled over and ran to help him asking if he broke his leg. "Rick" said it looked like his leg was broken and he helped Larry get the cycle upright. Thankfully, his leg was not broken.

"Rick" offered to do anything he could do to help, take him home, to the hospital, call the ambulance, anything! He watched over my dear husband like he was his best friend. In the end, he took him down the block to meet his carpool partner.

My husband is going to be alright, he has a few sore ribs but he is alive and able bodied. Our church and all our friends began praying for him as soon as they learned of the accident and it is nothing short of miraculous that he has little physical effects from this.

We have had such troubles! The heat has been turned up very high and many adversities have come our way this past month. Frankly, it has been difficult not to become very discouraged by all the things we are facing. Especially since most of them are not "our fault." But it is things like this that put all that stuff into perspective ladies.

I could have lost my husband. He could have been run over, or seriously injured and required surgery or hospitalization. God was exceptionally merciful to me in allowing us to remain together.

"Rick", whoever you are and where ever you are, God used you Tuesday. I am profoundly thankful that you took time out of your own life, maybe on your way to work, to stop and help a total stranger. Friends, those of you who prayed for him need to know that your prayers matter, and your prayers change things.

We believe that because you all prayed God revealed Himself in the relatively minor injury Larry received and his quick recovery. God is always good, He is always active in our lives.

Today, give thanks that you have a wonderful, loving God who cares for you more than you could ever, ever imagine. He watches over His own and glorifies Himself in our lives.

God's richest blessings on you today! Thank Him as we will, as we celebrate Thanksgiving around our tables, laden with food and shared with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!