Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

Condemnation is tough...we are most often condemned by our fellow Christians. We don't do what they do or say what they say, or we live the liberty and freedom we have in Christ and people get upset with us.

I am a "what you see is what you get" person, for better or for worse. I make no claims on perfection or sinlessness. I know I still sin and I know my flaws and most of my weaknesses. I struggle when I am attacked and yet I could not live my life under the pretense that I am somehow "Christian enough" for some people.

There is always a risk in being real before others, but I think there is also great value in it. Don't we all learn from watching God work in the life of another person? Aren't you curious about how other women handle the issues of life, relationships, and even their sin issues? Because of the perfectionistic standards set upon them many women are too fearful to confess that they still struggle with sin. I would not be one of those!

I freely but not proudly confess that I still struggle with various forms of sin. I have a temper; I want to be liked so I will at times people please; I say things (garbage talk) that I ought not say...

I suppose in posting my weaknesses and failures there is a risk that some will find fault with me or judge me for doing so. It is frankly a risk I am willing to take. In the past I was subjected to some very heavy scrutiny and it only served to add to the richness of my understanding of God’s grace and sovereignty.

While I am positionally sanctified and seated in the heavenlies, (Eph 1) I am in the practical sense in the midst of progressive sanctification. I describe this as being less and less who I once was (living in my old nature) and becoming more and more like Christ. (Eph 4:22-24) This is indeed an act of His grace.

The Word of God tells us that when we are in Christ, when His life is a part of us and we are hidden in Him there is no longer any condemnation that remains for our sin. This means we are no longer subject to penalty or judgment by God for the sin of our past, the sin of today, and even for the sins of tomorrow. He is sufficient and has already atoned for all my sin. This decision was made by the Godhead in eternity past and enacted at the cross. When I responded to the call of God through the Holy Spirit this transaction was completed. I was ransomed, declared “not guilty” and the condemnation for my sin was atoned for by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What joy and freedom there is in knowing that because of my position in Christ I will never hear any other words from my heavenly Father other than “Well done my good and faithful servant.” The freedom is freedom from fear as well as freedom from condemnation, and joy is the overflowing result!

Sadly, I find this understanding to be lacking among some of my fellow Christians. It has been said that Christians are the only army in the world that shoots its own soldiers and I can tell you from personal experience that is true.