Counsel From the Cross

Today I am posting a book review of Counsel From the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Dennis Johnson (Crossway).

The authors define gospel-centered counseling as "the process of one Christian coming alongside another with words of truth to encourage, admonish, comfort, and help- words drawn from Scripture, grounded in the gracious saving work of Jesus Christ, and presented in the context of relationship." (Pg 98)

I cannot think of a more accurate description of what a counseling relationship can and should be!

Fitzpatrick and Johnson carefully lay out the need for the gospel to be the centerpiece in our ministry of soul care. From the opening chapter where we are reminded of our desperate need for redemption and the perfect atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ to the later chapters in which we are challenged to apply the reality of that work to the core of our being-the heart this book puts the cross on display.
I have been personally blessed by this masterpiece. It does not assume understanding but clearly lays out the need we have for the atoning work of Christ on the cross and the way to live it from that moment forward.

I highly recommend adding this book to your library!