Similarity of Counseling Methods cont..

In contrast to the secular route, biblical counseling is not devised or contrived by man it has been designed by God.

Because God created us in His image and likeness He knows us better than we know ourselves and He wrote a Book that is useful for application to all aspects of our lives.

We take both the problem and the guilt the counselee may be experiencing seriously and rather than justifying or rationalizing it away, we examine the problem in light of God’s Word and what it says directly or indirectly about the problem.

In light of a lack of medical evidence to prove a person is “sick” we view them as a fallen sinner who has developed sinful habits, and has begun to live for self rather than God’s glory.

We show them the biblical perspective on their behavior and actions and attitudes of the heart.

Contrary to the medical model that saddles a person with a disease or disorder they can never overcome, the Biblical model gives them hope that they can change!

So this is an overview and comparison of some of the counseling philosophies. Keep reading this blog and your understanding will become fuller and these concepts will be fleshed out in greater detail.