Similarity of Counseling Methods

There are some apparent similarities between biblical counseling and other methods. For example: in both Biblical Counseling and Psychology we see stress is a problem, we both agree that behaviors need to change, and talking and listening are big parts of how we “fix” a person or the problem. But just because there are some similarities, that does not justify the use of those methods. We do not have to apply psychological solutions to those problems, nor should we because their understanding of what has caused the problem is based on worldly reason.

Someone once said this, “The basic premise of a presupposition is something that is assumed to be true and forms the basis for succeeding conclusions.” (unknown)

So, if the foundation or the base is faulty, everything based upon it will also be faulty. Such is the case with psychological theories. Medical causes of behavior can be proven in a laboratory. If not proven by tests, organic basis is the only theory.

The Medical Model is very prevalent today in therapy and treatment of behaviors. Elyse Fitzpatrick in her book What If Medicine Won’t Stop the Pain? said that the medical model treats us as though we are a bag of chemicals to be adjusted and manipulated.

This model largely attributes behaviors to a deficiency in chemicals in the brain, and to hormonal imbalances. The solution is to prescribe medications that alter brain chemistry, to relieve the symptoms the patient is experiencing.

This model also labels behaviors as diseases and illnesses without any scientific proof. The proclamations of diseases and disorders are based on every changing theories that even people in their own field cannot agree on. Books written on these topics are numerous and full of contradictory statements and data. Their proof is often based on flawed data and their conclusions are full of statements such as “it is suggested”, “it is hoped”, and “often seems inconsistent.”

Those who practice this model believe that man is essentially a machine, and if we just fix the defective parts, or do a 10,000 mile overhaul the machine will run properly again.

This is one of the fastest growing areas of research and development in the medical field. The arena of mental illness and psychopharmacology is exploding as more and more behaviors are classified as illnesses.

It is frightening what is happening to our children as they are being diagnosed in record numbers with behavioral disorders such as ADD and placed on strong medications to make them behave. There is no scientific or medical basis for these diagnosis as there is no blood testing, x-ray, or any other objective means to prove ADD, depression, anxiety, or even schizophrenia are medically based.

For some of you this may be a shocking revelation as the media has done a superb job convincing people that psychiatry and psychology has the answers to the problems of life. But I assure you, that there is a mountain of evidence that shows otherwise if you only take the time to look.

I do believe that those who promote the medical model mean well. What doctor or therapist wants to cause their patient harm? None that I know of. What they may not realize is that by calling behaviors illness or disease they are placing those behaviors in a class of uncontrollables. They are making behaviors equivalent with diseases like cancer, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.

They are taking responsibility away from the person, saying that the behavior is not their fault and giving them an excuse to continue on in this lifestyle. In some cases they say that only treatment by an expert can cure them, or teach them to manage the “illness.”But all those who have gone through a treatment program only to return to their previous lifestyle might disagree that the experts have the answer.

So what does work? Check back tomorrow