A Deep Sense of Conviction

Have you ever experienced a deep sense of conviction? I have. I received some communication from a friend who was writing about a matter they were involved in and something they wrote gave me reason to pause. It brought to mind an issue I have been dealing with recently and how I have handled some things in that matter.

The writings of this friend really caused me to think, and as any good biblical counselor knows to do, examine my own heart to see what fault I would find there. The conviction I felt in my heart was enough to let me know I had sinned in the matter.

In a way I wish I could say that I uncovered some new and revelatory sin, but alas, the old standards of anger and pride were there, standing at attention. There is something about having to be "right" that screams of pride and self-exultation. Anger surfaces when "Right" is denied and I am blamed, ignored, unable to defend or justify myself in a given situation. Is it the same for you?

As I read my friends communication I was admittedly cut to the heart and realized that in my own situation I have not recently handled it all for the glory of God, but instead have desired at times to be sure I have been heard and acknowledged. This is not necessarily wrong, but the mere fact that I have experienced conviction means it is wrong for me.

So I approach the throne of grace and assume the position of worship- on my face. I am so very thankful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in my heart. I am thankful for a heart that is soft enough and receptive enough to receive such conviction! Oh what sorrow there is for the one with the heart too hard to accept conviction! I am thankful God has granted me the ability in Christ to understand and to repent and change.

With confession and repentance comes the refreshing winds of peaceful change to my heart and soul. I begin again in the matter, determined to glorify God by my thoughts, beliefs, desires, words, actions and attitudes.

God is completely totally sufficient to complete the work that He has begun in my heart and life. On that Day I will stand before Him, clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.