My First Love

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Do you remember your first love? Do you remember those butterfly feelings in your stomach when you thought about being with Him? Do you remember rushing through all the things you had to get done so you could sit and talk with Him for hours? He was all you thought about, He was the one you poured out your heart to. He held all your thoughts and dreams and you knew that He was trustworthy and would keep your heart safe.

Somewhere over the passage of time the desire for those long hours of communing waned, and you stopped rushing to meet with Him. It became easy to set aside your talk time with Him. He stopped being the keeper of your biggest dreams, and your relationship seemed to falter. You realized that things just didn't feel the same any more. "What happened to us?" you ask. "Where did my love go for you?" You made a few attempts to rekindle your former romance but it has not been the same since.

None of us likes it when our relationship gets to this place, and some never do. Some of us are able to sustain a long-term love affair with our First Love. We do this by virtue of a steadfast desire to continue loving Him. His love for us never waxes or wanes. His love is permanent, and not dependent upon our love for Him.

Friend, I am speaking of your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a remarkable thing that love is! His love for me is unchanging, even when mine is fickle and selfish. He is always wanting me, never tires of me, is never too busy for me. His love is merciful toward me. He never gives me what I deserve, which is death, separation and eventually hell. He never gives me condemnation! As His child, His love, He has taken all my sin debt upon Himself and has provided for me the only way to the Father.

He wants me so badly, that He even gave me the desire to love and want Him! "We loved him, because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19)

NOT because I am so wonderful- for I am a wretched sinner worthy only of eternal torment. I bring nothing worthwhile to the table, I am a beggar at His feet.
And yet...He loved me...He loves me...

I want my First Love to always be first! I despise that the issues of living life on earth clog my desires with practical necessities. I despise that so much of the time I am a house divided between what is good and what is best.

One day that will all change! I glory in knowing this is true! One day, I will be in His presence and all this will be swept away in a flash. Then I will at last be able to devote myself with single hearted purpose to loving Him. Gone will be the distractions that steal away my desires and disrupt my fellowshipping with Him. I will be able to love Him totally and completely without care or concern that something else must be done first. I will not be dragged from His presence.

We will be together for all of eternity