He Was Crucified

An unusual post- Sunday! Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday!

I have been meditating on the Good Friday message our pastor preached Friday night and wanted to share it with you. He read from Mark's account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and made a point I had never heard before from the Gospels. The writers of the account did not major on the blood and gore of the death of Jesus.

Matthew 27:35 "when they had crucified him"

Mark 15:24 "and they crucified him"
Luke 23:33 "and there they crucified him"
John 19:18 "here they crucified him"

Where are the Mel Gibson-like special effects in the narrative? Why are there none of the details we have become so familiar with listed in Scripture?  The writers could have easily loaded the narrative with the realism and blood and brutality of the event and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit they did not.

My pastor said that they were not after the emotional response such a description would bring. Think of watching The Passion of the Christ for a moment. Those of you that saw it were most likely crying your eyes out or too horrified to watch parts of it like I was. I vividly remember thinking how He did this all for me...it evoked an incredible emotional response and made you want to do something. Be a better Christian, read your Bible more, appreciate Jesus more, and for some it made them want to "get saved."

Pastor said that many of those theatrical conversions were emotional responses and did not bring about true regeneration, and I have to agree with him on that. The Gospel writers knew that, God knew that, and so the Lord wisely left out all the gruesome details of that horrifying event from the Bible. Take some time and just think about the reality and enormity of this truth. All that we focus on each year on Good Friday the Bible does not even mention. This means no stations of the cross, no dramatic re-enactments, no musicals featuring the crucifixion scene...It is not to be our focus!

The victory over death and Satan, sin and hopelessness, the ability to be in the presence of God- those are the real focus of this season.

The Gospels are about presenting Jesus, the Bible is about presenting Jesus, and indeed the creation of the whole world is about presenting Jesus.

Do you know Jesus? Have you been called and adopted into His wonderful love? Celebrate Jesus today those loved by God! He is risen! He is risen indeed! 

This Resurrection Sunday rejoice in Jesus! Rejoice in what He has done and in Who He is! Jesus, God's Son, the Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world!