Investing in Eternity

There is a man out there promoting the idea that you can have your best life in the here and now. Really? (Hardly) This same philosophy comes from other charlatans who want you to get a green prayer hanky or miracle something or another to make your life better. If you watch them for a while their "answers to prayer" nearly always come in the form of a new Cadillac or an unplanned and unexpected windfall of cash. They attribute their "blessing" to whatever the huckster was peddling.

Now I know many have put their faith in these people, and if you have...well you won't be comfortable with my assessment of their "ministries" or their methods. To that I say, sorry and oh well. You see, I do not for one minute believe my best life is in the here and now! If it is, I am in serious trouble.

From a worldly perspective, by American standards I have very little (comparatively speaking) to other people my own age who have worked since they were old enough to do so. Yet I think about money all the time- how to get more of it, how to eek every last penny out of a dollar, how to spend it getting the most from it, and praying for more of it.

Why? Solomon was the richest man who every lived (more than Trump or any Saudi king!) yet he spoke of having an abundance of it as being useless, and foolish and void of any real value. (Peruse Ecclesiastes for a good look into his thoughts on this topic.)

Having money is not a bad thing for a Christian, nor is an evil thing for a Christian to be wealthy. Why God chooses some to be wealthy and not others is a mystery to me. There are some who are wealthy who are as tightfisted as can be, and then there are others who give it away liberally- but wisely.

These are the people of whom it could be said that they are investing in eternity. They have their needs met for the present and what they believe will be needed in the future and they share out of the their abundance by investing in the lives and ministries of others.

The Bible tells us that it is the love of money that is evil, not the money itself. You can have no money at all and still love it. This is evidenced by those who kill and steal for money, or anyone who is illegal or immoral to get it.

The love of money and the seeking after it can destroy a person as much as lacking money can destroy a person. I would venture to say that the indigestion of both the poor man and the rich one feels the same.

Money is a tool of the Lord, and with it He reveals another part of who we are. Those who have it worry you will ask for some, and those who don't have it are embarrassed they don't have any!

As much as money is an inanimate object, it is also a matter of the heart. Money reveals the attitudes of the heart that we carry locked way deep inside. Have you ever noticed how people are usually reluctant to discuss their money? I say "their money" with this thought in mind: in as much as all that has been given to us comes from God, and from a strictly ownership view point it all belongs to God, it is in the sense of possession "our" money. I believe God intends it to be that way to see what attitude we will develop about it.

Will we be greedy? Will we be foolish? Will we be givers? Will we be spenders? Will we be wise like the ant or lack any planning for the future? God wants to know what we will do with money for His people and His kingdom. When the money comes in, does it go out in the lives of others?

Your money reveals your heart. A heart that is focused on "self" has only the goal of amassing as much as possible for personal use and comfort. Some pile up more money then they could ever possibly use because it gives them the comfort and security of being ready for anything life can throw at them. They attempt to edit God and His plans for them out of the picture by thinking that as long as that safety net is there, they are somehow invincible. They become in essence their own god.

Colossians 3:5 says that greed is equal to idolatry...greed equals a lack of faith. It is not bad that a person gets money, but that it is hoarded and meanwhile, God's people doing God's work have unmet needs.