It's All In How You Look At It

This is another in the series of crazy events that is my life. I was to leave this morning bright and early, just about the time this blog went on line. Heading to Chicago for my niece's wedding, which we have been looking forward to for months.

To be sure we were safe, we decided to get the other set of new tires on the car at the local World's Largest Retailer. I dropped it off last evening and headed to church for a few appointments and went back around 8:45 to pick it up. 

After a few other purchases I got out to the car about 9 PM and as I got in I saw this curious piece of something sitting on the seat of the car. When I started the car, all the dashboard lights went on signaling that I have 4 flat tires. Do you remember The Robot from Lost In Space? "Warning!!" "Warning!!" Yes, it was like that...

Even though I made a mad dash around the lot and into the store all the devoted car people had beat it out of Dodge before I could catch them. They nicely left me a note on my bill, telling me they broke some vital sensor and that I should pick one up tomorrow and bring my car and the replacement sensor back to them and they would put it in. (nice, huh?) 

The very kind Manager did all in his power to help me, but being as it was after 9PM there was no place to get the sensor last night. This eliminated our departure plans and means we will miss the rehearsal and possibly the dinner.

I was not pleased.

However, even in my displeasure God continued to remind me that He is sovereign over this change in my plans. I have no way of knowing what awaited me at 5AM this morning had I left on my timetable. I must conclude that it is important to God that we not leave until later, because it is clear that we are being held back by Providence.

I could say this is "bad luck" or coincidence something, but I don't believe in luck. I could also view this from the perspective of how inconvenient this is going to be and what a disappointment it is to have to miss tonight's festivities. This is not "bad luck" or "karma" or a coincidence- it is a display of the power of the hand of a sovereign God who is in control of every aspect of our lives.

Yes, it is a bummer that this happened because I didn't want to miss anything tonight, but I am trusting that God is in charge of these events. He is omniscient and knows all the details of the days to come. How I choose to look at this will determine if I glorify Him or not in this little trial. 

Next time you are faced with one of these detours on your road of life, ask yourself what God could be doing with it. Are you being protected from some mishap? Brought an opportunity to minister to someone? Tested, tried, refined?  It's all in how you look at it!