Who You Are When No One's Looking

Who are you when you are alone...when there are no eyes to see what you do or ears to hear what you say? What do you watch on television or in a movie when you are in your comfort zone and alone? I think many people are entirely different in private than they are in public. We tend to put on the happy Christian face when we are fellowshiping Wednesday night or Sundays. That says little about who you are other than you know how to put on a good show. Who you really are is who you are when you are alone.

It is called personal integrity and I am convinced there is far to little of it in this world and even in the church.

Who you are is revealed by the decisions you make in secret; like telling the truth even if it means getting in trouble, or being faithful to a commitment at great personal cost. It is what you do because it is right rather than popular.

Integrity is what makes you trustworthy and is what people look for in you. They want to know if you will be a woman of your word and if they can count on you, even when it is hard to do what is right.

Having integrity will cost you at times. It might cost you friends or acquaintances. You may never be a part of the "in" group and you may even spend more time alone than you would like to at first.

But I think it is worth it.