Surviving the Holidays

Larry and I were riding in the car the other night on our way home from an evening of wonderful Christian fellowship. We had a CD playing that he had put together of random music, and one of the tunes was a random polka. Both of our families have a strong history with this ethnic music and Larry thought it would be "interesting" to put on on this compilation CD. Little did we know how this one tune would affect us!

Larry's thoughts went back to his Dad who played the guitar and banjo in many bands throughout his lifetime. His Dad was so talented that he was a nominee for the Polka Hall of Fame! My thoughts were of my Mom and I. Being of Polish descent, every family wedding had a live Polka band that played for hours and hours and everybody danced. As I listened to that song play on the CD my mind went back to a time when a was an older child and my Mom and I were dancing together.

I could clearly see her as she used to be, and oh how we were laughing as we danced... God has blessed us with minds that are able to recall things in vivid detail and as I relived those minutes as the song played on I soon found my face wet with my own tears and realized I was smiling as I cried.

My dear husband was not sure why I cried, and as I tried to explain through the hiccuping sobs I realized that my grief and loss is still so fresh and so raw and close to the surface.

This time of the year is difficult for those of us who have lost loved ones to the curse of death. Thanksgiving and Christmas are sometimes brutal reminders of who and what we have lost and instead of looking forward to the holidays, many face them with sorrow and dread.

If it is for this reason that I am profoundly grateful to my co-laborer in Christ Bob Kelleman at RPMMinistries who has written a wonderful book on grieving. He has graciously provided a link to his website that I am passing on to you today. On his website you will find helpful posts and information about grieving and help moving through it.

Please, take advantage of what he has to offer!