The Deep Grief of the People Helper

Today there is a deep grief in my soul.

I am aware of a situation in which someone close to me has been deeply hurt (the "rock your world" kind of hurt) and this hurt has revealed many other issues. These are all issues the world would and does refer to as "illnesses" and "disorders" and would apply their standard "therapy" of behavior modification and psychotropic medications to these issues.

While I understand that these people are well meaning and intend to help and believe they are helping, I deal with the fallout from their "treatments" every week in my office. Christians who have been led in the direction of this kind of counseling who have found no real answers, only more heartache and hopelessness.

When they get to my office they are often convinced that there is no real help or hope for them, they have been on numerous medications or maybe just one, and found that in spite of the pills, and the talk therapy, "getting it out", and "dealing with how they feel" they have found no release from the torture that has become their lives.

This is what I hope and pray does not happen to the one I know. She professes Christ, but those around her have never had need of Him before, they are self-made and self-sufficient. In my conversations with them, I have gently prodded and provoked their thinking about the "real" causes for some of these behaviors, spoken of the issue being of the heart long before it is of the activity and given them the hope that their loved one does not have to live like this forever. There is HOPE.

But I find myself up against the stiff competition of "the professionals" and the paralyzing fear that these good people close to her have of getting it wrong. They are experiencing a maelstrom of emotions and are caught in a horrific situation not of their making.

We all want what is best for this woman. We all want to help. Were it not for Christ and His ability to change hearts and lives I would have no hope to offer either; but I do have hope and help to offer!

I so badly want to reach into your life, I want to show you Christ and how nothing is beyond His reach. I want you to know that despite your confusion and despair that Jesus is with you in the midst of it. His truths have not changed, His love has not changed. He has not changed and He is still able to be your defender and advocate.

I want you to know that this way is not easy, it is demanding but worth it. You will experience freedom to be who He has created you to be and you will find that you do not need the trappings of the world to define yourself. You will know Him and the power of His resurrection which you will come to understand is more important and worthwhile than analyzing yourself. You will see that the more you do know Him, the more you will learn about who He has already created you to be. You will learn to live your position- not the position of worldly privilege but your position as a daughter of the King. You will soon understand that it is not "self-esteem" that you need, but God-esteem!

I want you to know that you don't have to live as a slave to your former way of life, that sin will lose its luster and that you will come to desire righteousness and holiness greater than fulfilling those desires of the flesh.

And I want you to know that God is sovereign. As hard as it is to grasp right now, God was completely aware of these circumstances before the beginning of time. He knew what would happen and He allowed it anyway. This does not make God cruel or mean- He operates in ways that are beyond our understanding at times and this is good! Would you want a God you could completely understand? God does intend to use this for good, He does intend to bring you through it, and He does intend to glorify Himself in the midst of your tragedy. And the glory He intends to bring Himself is through you're becoming more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is what I want you to know, and why I believe I have the answers. Certainly not because I am something, I am nothing but His servant and a messenger of truth. And I am frustrated that I am not helping you. My good friend reminded me that if God does not open the door for me, then He is telling me He does not want my help and that of course He has a better plan.

I hope and pray someone will give you these truths, for there is HOPE!