10 Things For Which I am Thankful

1) I continue to revel and marvel at the grace of God extended to me at the cross. The cross is my greatest blessing. 
2) Our counseling center allows me to minister in person to people who are hurting. By God's grace we have served many people this year. 
3) Our local church allows us to operate out of the building at no cost to us. Their generosity toward us has been outstanding and we are very blessed to be associated with the wonderful preaching and teaching ministry there. 
4) The blog is gaining faithful readers every week. The goal of this blog has been to educate and minister to women around the world with truth and the application of biblical principles to the problems of life. 
5) I have been blessed to connect with other biblical counselors through the organizations I am associated with, and as a result, many of the blogs have been promoted outside of my normal reading audience. This is not for my  personal glory, but for the glory of God. 
6) God has blessed us with wonderful friends who love us and care for us. 
7) He has brought gifted women to serve in the counseling ministry along side us. They labor for Him as an offering and their labors are many. They are our eyes, ears, mouth and hands when and where we cannot be. 
8) My family is healthy and whole. My children are well and employed. 
9) I am the wife of a loving, kind, and gentle man. I have been richly blessed by him for over 20 years. He is the love of my life, my Always and Forever. 
10) I am thankful for you. You come daily or often to read what God places on my mind to tell you and teach you about Him. If you stopped coming to this page, I would stop writing it. 

I hope and pray I am a blessing to you in some small way. I pray you find help, healing, and hope in these postings. May God bless you. 

Happy Thanksgiving!