Always and Forever

Today is another milestone in my life- I celebrate 21 years of marriage to my wonderful husband.  I often include snippets of my  life in my blog postings and those of you who follow regularly know I sometimes write about him.

This has been a year of great changes and challenges for us. I marvel at how the Lord has used each and every circumstance over this year to grow and change us, to mold us into His image.  Some of the things we have faced have been difficult and sobering but by God's grace we have met them head on and championed the cause of Christ through them.  By God's grace our love has endured and grown stronger and deeper because of them.  The Word is true, adversity brings out the best in people when they respond in a way that glorifies God.

Together this year we gained a greater understanding of grace and mercy as our faith deepened and our individual relationships with Christ are stronger than ever before. You are my solid rock and my faith and trust in your leadership and judgment has only grown as I see your dependence on the Lord continue to grow.

We have also had a great deal of fun together over this past year, and I cannot think of anyone in the world I would want to spend time with. Your smile and crazy sense of humor brightens every day of my life.

I am so excited that the Lord has allowed me to return to my first love: being your wife and mother to our remaining child at home. We married off another child and gained a beautiful vivacious daughter-in-law and a few more grand-doggies. We celebrated my Dad's 90th year of life and attended more weddings than at any other time in our married life!

We renewed our marriage covenant before God this summer at the base of the 14,000 foot mountain we have grown to love and secretly call our own. We have made many more golden memories along the way of our 20th year together.

Our love has endured the test of time and you remain my best friend. I look forward to this new phase in our lives that begins in our 21st year of marriage. In some ways, it seems like it is our first year all over again, full of excitement and hope and fun.

The view through the windshield is beautiful, and I relish my life with you. You are my always and forever love.