Abandoned and Fearful Women

In just the past few months I have had several women come to my office because their husbands had abandoned them or were in the process of leaving them.

My goal is to help you to understand the woman who has been abandoned by her spouse and to teach you how to minister to her and her children. 

A man does not have to physically leave his wife and family to abandon them; he can also stay in the marriage and the house but is not emotionally engaged in any aspect of the relationship or he can refuse to be intimate with his wife.  Abandonment can include any of the 3 varieties or a mixture of the 3.

When a woman is abandoned physically she will typically experience a pile of emotions as she wonders what her future holds.  She may have a lot of fear with all the financial concerns that she is suddenly faced with; wondering how she will support herself and the kids.

It is very difficult to process that her husband has actually done this to her even though she may have understood that there were problems in the marriage. She may be confused and angry at being “left” because he has betrayed the trust she placed in him.  If she does not deal with the anger biblically, she will become bitter; which has its own destructive roots and fruit.

An abandoned woman is understandably sad because life as she has known it is over; her husband has left her, and may have another woman.  Her life has taken a dramatic turn and is bringing about all sorts of changes she never planned on. 

As you help her to process this, be aware that she is mourning the loss of all that once was and will never be.  When a woman is abandoned there is incredible rejection because the man who promised to love her and cherish her until death has changed his mind. He no longer wants her. 

Be alert for self-pity and symptoms of depression (sorrow without hope) and be aware that some of these feelings and responses are completely normal.  All of this is a huge emotional drain on her. 

I have seen women become all wound up in details and practical aspects of their situation that they forget God is with them. She is in self-preservation mode because her husband- protector has left her. Your ministry to her will be to help her to deal with these things biblically.  

Our role is to deal with her on the heart level. We must discern what the inner (wo)man issues are at the heart and help her to see the problems of her life through God’s eyes.

Her heart is going to be focused on practical things because she is most likely scared silly. We must give her godly wisdom and counsel in how to continue to bring God glory even in these troubled times. Fear and abandonment does not excuse or legitimize sin or her sinful responses and actions, but it can explain them a bit.

You must be careful to balance compassion with your expectation of biblical change and biblical response from her.  Our goal is to help her to see that while her circumstances appear to be out of control, God is IN control of her circumstances.

As you counsel her, initially the most important thing you can do for her is to listen. Listen to her fears, the ones she does tell you about and the ones you suspect she is too fearful to talk about. Through the use of heart level questions help her to reveal the thoughts, beliefs, and desires that are behind the feelings she is dealing with. You must address the sinful issues specifically and biblically.

If she is struggling with fear and worry you should know they are closely related, you typically won’t have one without the other. Counsel her from the Scriptures- both Jesus and Paul addressed fear and worry.

Take her to Matt. 6:25-34 and have her read through what Jesus says about His provision for us. Remind her that fear indicates a lack of faith in God- Matt 6:25-34. Fear and Worry indicate a lack of trust in God for His promises or His providential care.

Teach her to look up- both at God and at the birds of the air for her reminder of God’s faithfulness.
In this passage Jesus is asking, if she knows who her Daddy is? Who is your Provider? Remind her to take a look at the little birds, and how the Lord feeds them. Help her to understand that she is of greater value than they, since she has been made in the image of the Creator.

Jesus asks, are we not worth more than they as objects of His special creation? In her worry and fear she may forget that she is an heir with Christ…recreated in His image, assured of a place in heaven with Him…

God has promised to meet her needs, she can trust him to do so..