The Gospel of Feminism

The gospel of feminism implies that women can have it all and be happy doing it. We are supposed to be able to work full time, or go to school full time (or both!) and raise children, and keep our homes, and keep a loving relationship with our husbands going. In addition to all that, (and as if that weren't enough) we are to keep physically in shape by going to the gym and we are to have some sort of social life with our friends! Add into this our expected church duties of Bible study and or Women's Ministry and it all adds up to one miserable and overwhelming life for many of today's women.

The Feminist teachings are now so ingrained into our culture that many of us don't realize how indoctrinated we are with those philosophies. Many of us have grown up under these false teachings and while many of them are accepted as practice in the world, we the Church are to be set apart from the world. Correction- we have already been set apart- now we have to live like it.

Our duties as women of God are not trivial nor are they mindless and unfulfilling as some of our more liberated sisters would have us believe. We have a high calling as Christian women to love God, honor our husbands, and raise up the next generation of people who will play their part in this world. Those who are not married or have no children must also take their instruction from the Bible.

The single woman is to devote her life to service in the church until such a time God brings a man to be her husband. Single women do not need to be feminist either! Being single does bring an entirely different dynamic into play because the single woman has to bear the responsibility of things on the home front that a man would otherwise oversee. This still does not mean the single woman must turn to a feminist viewpoint for support and survival; she is to turn to the church. It is very unfortunate that in our churches single women especially can be looked at as the proverbial "third wheel." This should not be. Our unmarried sisters in Christ need us and our support. This is a topic for another time however.

Those with no children are to honor their husbands and keep their homes as are those with a family to look after. Am I saying a woman should not work outside her home? No, I am not. I currently work outside my home! What I am saying is that our husbands must remain our priority, then our children and our homes. This means that many of our pursuits must take a back seat to the needs of other people and duties.

This is in stark contrast to the "me" generation that says "I must have my personal time" and "I have a right to ______." Sorry, no you don't. When our calling as wife and mother and keeper of the home is completed we can use what time is left for our leisure, and recreation.

This is a hard pill to swallow ladies. But Titus 2 makes it ultra clear as do other portions of Scripture. Feminism is anti-God and there is no place for it in the life of a Christian woman.