Book Review- Heart of the Matter by CCEF Authors

I was recently asked to review the new book, Heart of the Matter - Daily Reflections for Changing Hearts and Lives written by the CCEF Faculty.

This book contains 366 days of brief devotions taken from the written works of noted authors Paul David Tripp, Dr. Ed Welch, Dr. Tim Lane, Dr. David Powlison, and several others.  Each entry is centered around a verse or passage of Scripture that is then expanded upon by one of the authors.

A variety of counseling topics are addressed including fear, worry, anxiety, suffering, and other difficulties of daily living. While such a book is not intended to be a Christian's only source for biblical truth it does make a nice addition for someone who desires biblical perspective on a particular topic.

As a Biblical Counselor, I would recommend my counselee's pick up a copy and use it to augment their daily time in the Bible. All of the Scripture passages are noted in the back of the book for easy reference.

Another nice feature of the book is also found in the back, where there is a list of all of the books from which the devotionals were taken to allow the reader easy access to more information on a given subject.

When I first got the book I started by checking out that particular day's entry and thought I would read on from there; but I confess, I began to flip through other parts of it looking for specific topics that were pertinent to me.  I found the entry for November 6 which focused on Psalm 81 to be of particular blessing to me, as well as my birthday and the entries for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I checked out several other dates that have special meaning to me for comfort and encouragement and I have to say, I was really blessed by doing this book review!

I do suggest you pick up a copy of this book from New Growth Press.  Heart of the Matter - Daily Reflections for Changing Hearts and Lives is a wonderful devotional and would make a nice gift for a friend at Christmas.