Blog News!!

Dear Friends, I am very excited to share with you some news I think you will enjoy hearing! 

Beginning this week, the bc4women blog will start to regularly feature a few new writers! I have chosen several godly women to regularly share their journey of spiritual growth and change with you. You will begin to meet them this Tuesday and Thursday. 

Whitney, Stephanie, Emily, Anne and Jennifer each come from different places in life, and different parts of the country and world. Two are single, three are married, one is a missionary, and all are in ministry in some way. They all have unique stories to share with you about the Lord and His work in their lives. You will come to know and love them as I do, and I am confident you will be blessed by their posts each week! 

As always, you can post your comments to their blogs on the blogspot webpage. Please continue to "like" on FB and share our posts with your friends, you make a HUGE difference when you do! Blessings Sisters!!