Prayers for Children Who are Believers

Today's guest blogger is Linda Rice.  Linda is a biblical counselor at Gateway in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  She is the author of the book, Parenting the Difficult Child. You can read her blog here

Considering the couple of posts I wrote on prayer ideas for parents and for unsaved children, I thought I’d round out the topic with a few ideas for prayer for our believing children. Of course, specific needs and ideas will be endless. This is just a sample of thinking out how to pray according to Paul’s example or praying through a passage about how to suffer well, especially for those children who deal with others who offend them. We could all use that kind of prayer at some points in life.
Praying passages like these can be very encouraging for the pray-er, also. I find that it reminds me of truths about my own position in Christ or convicts me that I need to apply it in a particular situation. Passages make great guidelines for praying for friends and family.
I’ve been especially impressed by how often in his epistles Paul thanked God for fellow believers, so I started with that. Adapt them according to the gender and situation.