Reminders From God

Last night I got a gentle reminder from God.  On Sunday our son who is a young adult had an episode of severe chest pains which we attributed to indigestion. It happened again last evening and was worse than Sunday night so he obviously needed to see a doctor. The urgent care doctor said his electrocardiogram was indicative of someone having a heart attack and he needed to go to the hospital.

As I sat in the emergency room waiting for my husband to arrive, waiting for test results, listening to the electronic machines beeping their warning sounds and watching the very capable staff ministering to my son I was reminded again that he does not belong to me. I may have given birth to him, but he is not "mine."

Our children belong to God and they are only on loan to us.  He gives them to us to love and to train in righteousness. We are stewards of His children. He gives them to us and intends we show them how to love and worship Him.

My son belongs to his heavenly Father, and one day he will return to His arms. Mamma's, I am passing on God's gentle reminder to you this morning...hold them loosely.  God is the sovereign God of the universe, and He does what He wants with what is His.  This is the second time this year the Lord has used this child to reminded me of His ownership of everything in my life.

We are but stewards of all His possessions. We have been given precious treasures to guard and protect in the form of relationships with people we love deeply. Cherish them, train them, treat them well. Above all talk about God and His righteousness and our need for salvation. That, not being a good citizen, not becoming a Rhodes Scholar, or a champion ball player; not any other thing you may think is important right now is the most important thing to impart to your little ones, your medium sized ones, and your almost grown ones.

He could have taken my son home last night. I am very thankful He did not, but chose instead to leave him here with us- for now.

What was the end of last nights drama? No heart attack but inflammation in the sac surrounding the heart.  The treatment is of all things....ibuprofen. Tomorrow we see the cardiologist and I once again get to practice holding loosely.