Longing Like a Parched Land

Today's guest blogger is Linda Rice. You can read more of her writing here

Last year, our region underwent a drought. Without rain for months and with summer temperatures soaring higher than other years, the grass turned brown, some trees died, and the ground contracted and cracked. I was reminded of this when I read Psalm 143:6. 
I stretch out my hands to Thee;
My soul longs for Thee, as a parched land.
As parched land cracks open in a cry for water, so David’s heart did for God.
Yet David’s life did not look like parched ground. We know that he was also satisfied with God. How can someone be thirsty and satisfied at the same time? I don’t understand except that God has made our hearts with incessant desire generators. Our hearts are like our eyes, fully delighted at a thing of beauty and yet driven to keep looking.
Oh, that as a parched land thirsts for water so our hearts would be ever longing for God in order that as a well-watered verdant meadow so also our hearts would be ever satisfied with God.