Immersing Yourself In Him

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me ” (Galatians 2:20).  

I was talking with a friend the other day. Our conversations are very exciting to me because I can see where she is beginning to understand certain things about grace and truth. She has been a believer in Christ for some time, and through our talks about grace and mercy she is beginning to see things from a different perspective.
One of the results of understanding grace is that many of the things that used to mean so much and things we used to cling to suddenly don’t mean as much to us. We can let them pass us by without reaction and without response.

There is an inevitable void that develops in the flesh when we first start willingly setting our fleshly and worldly desires aside. And unless we are immersing ourselves in Him and His Word other fleshly desires come marching in to swiftly fill that void. Sometimes they are new things; a computer game, television program, or some other distraction. Sometimes they are old sinful “friends” that we thought we were rid of, habits and lusts that were once conquered or maybe just set aside in favor of a new distraction.

Often we use these things in attempt to make ourselves feel valued and worthwhile. These things don’t have to be necessarily bad they can be as benign as working or exercising or a sport or other activity you enjoy that makes you “feel good.” However, they are misplacing what really matters, our love and devotion to Christ.

He must be the centerpiece of all we do, the Master of our thoughts, the owner of our souls, and the love of our lives. Until He is in practice as well as proclamation all of these things, my friends, we will continue to struggle and hurt and kick and scream in failure. He demands to own all of who we are because He paid for all we are! He did not only purchase your hands and feet He purchased your mind, soul, and most importantly your heart.

Surrender to His loving yoke, and His loving ownership and give in to His possession of you- all of you.