Feeling Overwhelmed?

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 (NASB) 

Worry, worry, worry. We worry about today, we worry about tomorrow. We worry about the bills, the future, the conflicts at home and abroad, and the economy. I know a woman who has spent a large part of her life as a habitual worrier. She has worried herself into stomach problems, headaches, and irritability. Worry is sin. Worry is disobedience of the commands found in Philippians 4:6-8 and Matthew 6:34. 

Some people never seem to worry about anything,  They fly through life by the seat of their pants, laughing and taking it as it comes. They slough off problems like swatting away a fly with a nonchalant attitude that simply flabbergasts the rest of us. 

Then there are the other kind of people. They wake up in the morning and wonder what they will make for supper at five o'clock that evening. They run through their mental check list of things to do before they even get out of bed. It goes like this: 

"Radio's on, oh no, it can't be time already." She open's one eye and see's it's still pretty early so she she gives herself until the next song comes on to get out of bed. But, being half awake her mind begins to turn. 

"What day is it? It's Thursday, the kids have chapel and gym today. I hope they have clean chapel clothes. What about a gym uniform? Is it a hot lunch day? Did I say I would make something? I can't remember. I hope not, I don't think I have time to do that today. I should have done that last night before I went to bed, but I was so tired... I am still tired...That's right, hot lunch is next week, and I did say I would make something. How will I fit that into my schedule? Oh no, the song is over, I have to get up. Do I need a shower? Are there clean towels? There are clean towels, but is there any soap left? Will will I make for dinner? How will I cook dinner? I have to work until five, is there a game after school? How will I get off work? My boss will be really mad, he can be so difficult! But if I am super nice and work extra hours tomorrow maybe he will let me leave early. Who will pick up the kids tomorrow so I can work extra hours because I have to leave early to pick up the kids and get them to the game today?"

And on it goes.

Many women feel as though they can't take a breath or a moment to relax because they are so overwhelmed by life every day. Yet in addition to the things bowling them over today, they add into the mix fears and concerns for what tomorrow may bring. 

The Lord gives us very sound counsel when He tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Jesus reduces our responsibilities to those of today. He instructs us to narrow our focus from the big picture to the little one. Today is all the Lord has asked us to manage, and He is here to help us to accomplish the task of the day. 

Structuring your life biblically will help you to overcome the temptation to worry about tomorrow. When a plan is in place it reduces the temptation to fret and worry. Planning is essential. If I don't have a plan I am grossly inefficient. With a long range plan I can break down a project into bite-sized pieces. It helps me not to be overwhelmed by the ultimate goal, and to focus only on what is planned for the day. By planning ahead you should be better equipped to meet the day's demands. 

Prayer is the first critical part of the plan. The Lord Jesus make time alone with the Father His first priority. He woke before everyone came looking for Him and spent time alone with God. He understood that if He needed that time if He was to minister the will of God throughout the day. Prayer time is an important part of preparing to meet the demands of the day ahead of us. Be careful to submit your plans to God, and to tell Him the things you are tempted to worry about. As you bring your plans before Him, remember that He has the right to change any part of your day to better glorify Himself. 

Once you have prayed than go ahead and put your plan to work in the day. Stay in that day, not tomorrow or yesterday. 

So, where does today find you? What are the circumstances of your life? Are your emotions stretched to the limit? Is physical affliction causing you or a loved one pain? What fires are purifying your faith?

Whatever it is that burdens you today, Jesus is calling you to live one day at a time in the midst of it. He is commanding you not to worry, to be anxious about nothing, not to worry about tomorrow. The Lord will enable you to handle with the circumstances and the stress that occurs throughout your busy day when you are seeking Him in the midst of it.