Lessons from Psalm 37 Part 2

...And you, you will inherit every good, wonderful and glorious thing! You will have no need to be concerned about evil being done against you anymore. You will live with an abundance of peace.

This is why when your enemy plots against you and when he takes action against you now, God laughs at him. He knows what his end will be. The wicked one can plot and scheme and have every bad intention toward you, and perhaps some of his plans against you will succeed in the here and now. But take heart, be encouraged, trust God, have faith, and believe that God will turn their own schemes against them and He will not only disarm them, but death will be their end. Their wickedness will be their complete undoing.

You don’t want to be this kind of person; not in your heart or in your life. The temporary riches of wickedness are not at all worth the pain that comes along with them. The Lord will remove their ability to commit evil one day, He will disarm them of their schemes and devices and will render them completely helpless.

You, however, No matter what, He will uphold you. He knows all the details about you and your life. He is intimately involved in every detail. Nothing escapes His notice. He does have a wonderful plan for the life you will live when you leave this earth. Don’t look for your richest riches here on earth, no matter how grand they are here, they are nothing in comparison to what awaits you in eternity! Don’t count on your reputation here on earth, it is meaningless. Your eternity – your inheritance as a child of the King is what matters. One day, when all this is over and you are among the masses who stand before God you will not suffer shame. You will not be embarrassed, you will have plenty because you will be found in Christ.

When you suffer under the hand of evil people, be careful to remain upright, righteous, honorable and godly. Then you will have no reason to be ashamed when evil is revealed, for you will have acted rightly before God and man. God will take care of you.

Your enemy is His enemy and be assured he will perish at the hand of the Lord. Even in all their earthly splendor they are destined for death and they will be like smoke…their essence will simply dissipate and be gone from you. 

Don’t be like the wicked who borrows and does not repay, be merciful and deal rightly with people! Deal with others as God has dealt with you- with grace and mercy. He has given you what you do not deserve and because of it you will inherit everything in all its fullness. Remember that those who are wicked are cursed by God and they will meet eternal death.

Be assured that God has given you a path to walk, He has made a way for you and He delights in that way. His way is not always easy and you may have times of failure as you are going. You might completely blow it and refuse to cooperate with His plan or to continue the journey He has planned for you, but don’t worry…He will continue to hold on to you. Even when you stubbornly refuse to move one step in the right direction, He is upholding you. He never lets go and He will continue to steadfastly shush you along the path.  ~Psalm 37:11-24