Lessons from Psalm 37: Part 3

Be assured that God has given you a path to walk, He has made a way for you and He delights in that way. His way is not always easy and you may have times of failure as you are going. You might completely blow it and refuse to cooperate with His plan or to continue the journey He has planned for you, but don’t worry…He will continue to hold on to you. Even when you stubbornly refuse to move one step in the right direction, He is upholding you. He never lets go and He will continue to steadfastly shush you along the path.

I have seen this throughout my life, and those older than I can speak to this with greater conviction due to their advanced years. Here is truth: God does not forsake His own. He does not abandon us. He always provides for our real needs. His mercy is continual and He blesses us as He brings the blessings even into the lives of our children as a result of our faithfulness and His mercy.

This is why you must not repay evil with evil. This is why you must do good, even in the face of evil! The Lord loves justice and He is just, He will not forsake you, He will not reject you, He will not turn you away. You are His forever, unlike those evil people who harm you and plot and carry out evil against you. They will be damned while you inherit everything God has for His heirs!

If you are righteous, then you must live like it. Speak righteously, speak wisdom! This means that you don’t give in to the emotions of the situation and forget who your vindicator is or where your help comes from. It means you stop, or better yet don’t start speaking foolishly when you are harmed. Instead, you remind yourself that God is the God of Justice. You remind yourself of what you know is true about God and that you don’t need to avenge yourself. God will help you in this, because it is difficult. He is faithful and He will keep you from slipping.
Even though the wicked one may continue to pursue you for harm, God knows what he is attempting and only what God deems for your good will happen to you. All the plans of the wicked are filtered through His fingers. You can trust that God will not abandon you to the hand of the wicked. He will not condemn you along with your persecutor.

Wait on the Lord for justice! Wait on the Lord for vengeance! You do what God has asked you to do in this situation and honor and obey His Word! Don’t worry! You will be victorious over your enemy! You will be the victor over the wicked one! You will inherit great blessings and even more so, you will see the demise of your enemy. You will watch has he meets his end. Your enemy may think he holds all the power and all the cards over you, but God can take him out at will.  

Contrast this with the blameless man, the one who follows God, the one who honors and obeys God and does not seek vengeance or take justice into his own hands. His future is that of peace, and security, and great wealth of all kinds.
Yes, the wicked one will be destroyed, so destroyed that there will be nothing left of him to find. His future will end, and he will come to nothing.

The Lord has given you salvation, and you will never see those days for yourself. In your salvation you have grace and mercy and you can believe that He will strengthen you in times of trouble! He says He will help you! He says He will deliver you, even from the wicked! He will save you in every way because you trust in Him. ~Psalm 37:23-40