Are You A Failed Perfectionist?

I had a post fail this morning, so I thought I would put this up even though it is evening in beautiful Kansas City. Thank you for being so gracious toward me and for sending me notes of appreciation and encouragement. I read every single one of them!

I am really quite a perfectionist in many ways. I want things to be done with excellence and when I fail I really have a hard time with it. If I am not careful, I will replay my failures and before long, have myself convinced I am a failure. It is the same when I repeat a sin I thought I had overcome. Judging by the conversations I have with the women who come into my office I don't think I am alone in this. What about you? Do you frequently remind yourself of how you blew it last time?  I think this is part of everyday life for many of us.

Self condemnation takes many forms and Satan (who gleefully fuels those thoughts) has only one purpose in it - and that is to discourage us. Satan loves to parade our failures and sins before us. He loves to remind us of the last time we responded sinfully. to the point where you give up and cease to fulfill God's purpose in your life.

When we are busy ripping on ourselves we become completely ineffective in worship and service to God. His purpose and plan for our lives is derailed and until we get our thinking straightened out we are sidelined by self-pity and remorse.

The way to handle those adverse thoughts is with the truth. Remind yourself of the great God you serve, whose purposes for you will be accomplished! Remind yourself that God knew your sins and failures long before time began and because of Christ, He loves you anyway-enough to die for you.

Keep the truth always at the forefront of your minds. He who keeps you will present you blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.